Our philosophy

PHARMASEPT is a purely Greek company with almost 20 years of experience in dermocosmetic products sold exclusively in pharmacies. All products show great respect and care for the consumer. The R&D department ensures that all products are free from allergens, parabens, colorants and synthetic substances, making them ideal for everyday use even on the most sensitive types of skin. Additional proof of quality are the numerous clinical tests in prestigious institutes in Germany, Italy and Greece.

With respect for the consumer, we offer products of high dermatological value. We adapt to your needs and we continuously improve our products and formulas. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with people who trust our products, support us and follow us in every step. We treat each one separately and do everything in our power to satisfy your needs.

With emphasis on quality, our products are designed to keep the skin clear, healthy and beautiful. We offer solutions of high dermatological value, that respect the sensitive skin and are backed up by clinical studies and years of research. We constantly seek new compositions, new formulas and innovative ingredients. We adjust our products to the demands and technological breakthroughs of the time, and combine the beneficial and healing powers of Nature with the effectiveness of Science.

With emphasis on price, we offer the opportunity to every one to take care of themselves with high quality products at an affordable price - something that was previously impossible. Not only do we maintain but also increase the quality and quantity of our products. At the same time we manage to keep the prices reasonable, so that everyone can afford their favorite products.

PHARMASEPT is close to you for the past 18 years, and we promise to keep taking care of you and your babies for a long time, with respect and love as always.

We take the matter personally and that's what makes us special.


Μ. Mourkakos
Founder & General Manager