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Key ally of your very dry skin 

Balance product line is specialized in personal hygiene and care of dry / very dry and sensitive skin. Its extremely gentle compositions and powerful ingredients, in combination with the prebiotic agent Biolin, cover all kind of skin needs without drying or irritating, while balancing skin’s microbiome.

Balance line, based on the unique ''Skin Balance Technology’’ of Pharmasept, it is the key ally in achieving and maintaining a healthy complexion.

All products of Balance line are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, achieve maximum effectiveness and are formulated according to below standards:


-    With extremely gentle cleansing agents, surfactants and emulsifiers.

-    Free of sulfates, silicones, soap, alcohol, petrochemical derivatives, phthalates, ethanolamines, colorants, BHT, BHA, aluminum and minerals.

-    Free of preservatives that are related to irritations and allergic reactions

(isothiazolinones, phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde).

-    With allergen-free fragrance.

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