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Cleria is a complete skincare product line, based on multi-action formulas and ideal for skin cleansing, moisturizing and tightening. Due to its innovative ingredients, Cleria contributes in preventing signs of premature skin aging. It is uniquely designed to offer a visibly renewed, brighter, more relaxed look and an overall skin balance, always according to specific needs of each type of skin.


Cleria’s preventive products are enriched with triple hyaluronic acid & carob-derived polysaccharides. 
Preventive products of Cleria product line target prevention and smoothing of first wrinkles while enhancing brightening and youthful-looking of the skin skin. 
Its specialized products moisturize, eliminate the appearance of expression wrinkles and fine lines, prevent the effects of free radicals, while soothing irritated and sensitive skin. 


Cleria’s anti-aging products are enriched with golden mastic oil & special tightening tetrapeptides.
Anti-aging products of Cleria product line target mature skin. Golden Mastic oil, the key anti-aging ingredient of the whole line, increases density and elasticity of the skin up to 23% after 28 days of use* (*in vitro test conducted on ingredient). Cleria’s anti-aging products reshape the contour of the face, strengthen the three-dimensional matrix of the skin and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. 

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