Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

All of us at Pharmasept are aware of our responsibility towards your family’s skin needs. Every day, we take care of different skin types. The concept of offering lies at the heart of our philosophy. That is why, with all our heart, we try to take care of vulnerable groups within our society, as integral members.

With an increased commitment to social responsibility, we are proud sponsors of the Paleo Faliro sports center since 2019, supporting in facility maintainance. 

The facilities are home to more than 1,400 young athletes, while they are also open to the general public. 
Pharmasept has established a long-term relationship with the Paleo Faliro municipality, as it has financially contributed to the maintainance of the swimming, basketball, volleyball, track and field, and tennis facilities.

The company has also been supporting Paleo Falirο athletes with the necessary care products for their training needs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting oneself is of vital importance.

Pharmasept, which specializes in personal hygiene recognized the need to offer antiseptic gels to the organization for Medical Intervention organization.

The company donated 6 one-liter antiseptic gels to unaccompanied minors staying at the organization’s accommodation structures.

For these kids, who have been through a lot in their lives, this little piece of help contributes to the prevention of covid 19.

With a sense of responsibility and solidarity during the pandemic crisis, Pharmasept offered antiseptic gels to volunteers and employees of the Utility of the Municipality of Piraeus (KODEP).

In this way, we actively demonstrate our philosophy of caring and giving that runs through us, contributing to KO.DE.P’s daily battle to:

  • offer care to the economically and socially weaker citizens
  • support their dietary needs
  • provide for the clothing needs of homeless citizens or residents of Piraeus
  • inform the public on health and prevention issues
  • support vulnerable social groups

Pharmasept actively supports Amimoni, the Panhellenic Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of the Visually Impaired People with Additional Special Needs. 

Amimoni’s mission since 1993 is to provide lifelong education, care and support to visually impaired persons and their families, covering their special needs at any age and for as long as it is needed. 

Vision of the Association is to ensure that every person in Greece with vision problems and additional disabilities receives appropriate education and treatments, makes the most out his potential and has the chance to live autonomously and with dignity throughout his life. Furthermore, Amimoni’s vision has also to do with ensuring that families of persons with special needs have the necessary assistance and care to be able to support their increased needs. 

Pharmasept, acknowledging Amimoni’s valuable mission and work, stands by its side and offers dermocosmetics of high quality, covering daily hygiene and care needs of children and their families. 

Pharmasept supports the National Deaf Women’s Basketball Team, contributing to the preparation of the 8th European Deaf Women’s Basketball Championship that is held between October 15th-24th of 2021 in Pescara, Italy. 

Going through a period when both our society and sports experience an undoubtedly unprecedented crisis, national deaf women’s basketball team keeps making us proud. Coached by Athena Zerva, this team has gained 3 consecutive gold metals: European Deaf Championship 2016, Olympic Deaf Games 2017 and World Deaf Championship 2019. 

Pharmasept stands by the side of national team, covering expenses of team’s accommodation in the frame of its preparation for the big international sport event in Italy, contributing to its way to the top.   

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