Sterile & non-stick gauze with high absorbency, made of 100% natural cotton.  

Gauzes can be used on any type of wounds -including the ones that are related to plastic surgery & bed sores- and burns. Gauzes allow the skin to breathe.   

High absorbency: 

Highly absorbent gauzes that help accelerate wound healing. Their high absorbency has to do with the 100% natural hypoallergenic cotton they are made of.


Porous cellulose membrane: 

Porous cellulose membrane that is in direct contact with wound, ensures one-way permeability, does not stick to wounds, and allows moisture absorbance. Its sterile surface is suitable for long-term application on skin, without irritating or infecting skin, even the sensitive one.



Apply carefully on wound.

Apply with the shiny side down, maintaining skin moisture.

Gauzes do not stick to wounds. 

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