Relief Hot Patch

Relief Hot Patch

Heating analgesic single-use patch for immediate pain relief, with slow-release technology.  Enriched with herbal extracts.

Patches provide 24 hours action where applied. 

Ideal for relief -accompanied by heating sensation- from muscle and joint pains, contractures, rheumatic pain, sport injuries, stiff neck, back pain and menstrual pains. 

Anti-inflammatory action (without medicinal substances): 

Anti-inflammatory properties of Harpagophytum (compared to cortisone’s ones) and of Willow, fight muscle and joint pains, without having any side effect.


Soothing action: 

Arnica extract, sooths irritations, increases microcirculation, fights swelling, muscle pain, bruises and pains related to rheumatism or sprains. 


Immediate application of new patch on the same body area, right after the removal of the used one.  

Free of colorants & preservatives, does not leave residues or stains. 



Briefly immerse each patch in lukewarm water.

Remove transparent protective film.

Apply the patch to the affected area, ensuring it adheres well. 

Wait 10-15 minutes to feel the heat effect.

Leave patch work for 24 hours and if needed, replace it with a new one. No time is required between replacement.



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