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After research in one of the largest laboratories in the world, which specializes in the safety and effectiveness of sunscreen products as well as the exclusive use of a single natural sunscreen, ZANO® 20, zinc oxide with the most optimal granulometry, and high protection index SPF 50, PHARMASEPT managed and created the ultimate natural sunscreen product.

1. Patented formula exclusively natural filter of zinc oxide in non-nano form.
2. With only 1 natural filter, ZANO® 20, for high protection SPF 50.
3. Proven broad-spectrum sun protection. Specialized in vitro study SPF/UVA and CW. In vivo study SPF (ISO 24444:2019).
4. Acts immediately after application.
5. Does not leave white marks. Pleasant textures for easy application.
6. Natural waterproofing.In vivo water resistance study (ISO 16217:2020 ISO 18861:2020).
7. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
8. Safe for pregnant, breast-feeding women and daibetics.
9. Biodegradable formula . Studies in specialized laboratory on the biodegradability of products.
10. Eco friendly . The cream packaging is made of sugarcane and the spray packaging is from 20% recycled polyethylene.

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