We are Pharmasept

We are a purely Greek company. We create highly effective dermocosmetic products of great quality, exclusively available at pharmacies. We address the skin needs of all age groups, offering them the care they deserve. Our product lines are dermatologically tested, with absolute respect to the physiology and the pH of the skin and are clinically tested in recognized laboratories in Greece and abroad.

Οur Philosophy

We observe nature and learn from it.

Active ingredients

We support its mechanisms, using suitable active ingredients that help maintain a healthy pH balance and strengthen the epidermal barrier.

Smart Formulas

What we have done and will continue doing is to create "smart formulas", aiming at immediate and visible results, but also the long-term health of the skin.

In harmony with nature

We see the current state of the skin. We care about its future. We are committed, by our own principles, to offer what is in harmony with the skin’s natural function.

Preserving the skin

We refuse to change it, to alter it, to destroy it. We are here to take care of it.

This is our story

Our vision


High Value

All of us at PHARMASEPT are committed to continuing to develop products of high dermatological value with respect and care for your skin’s health

Clinically tested dermocosmetics

It is our firm belief that everyone should have access to clinically tested dermocosmetics. With our knowledge, our philosophy, the way we operate, our honesty, our sensitivity to price issues, we aspire to be a model in the dermocosmetics market.
We believe in everyone’s right to healthy skin.  



Conscious consumers

We envision a demanding, fully informed consumer who does not compromise on quality issues for their skin. We know that this conscious consumer is also our responsibility and we are willing to take on the challenge.

Our Truths

We think, investigate and defy

We are searching for biocompatibility by using molecules that already exist in the skin as components in our compositions.
So, regardless of whether our ingredients are natural or products of laboratory innovation, it is certain that the skin recognizes and absorbs them easily without disturbing its pH.

We Say


to synthetic preservatives, fragrances and dyes, parabens, petroleum substitutes, silicone, sulfate & phthalates.

We Say


to the skin’s natural functions. We preserve them. We "wake them up". We repair them.

Be Skin-Consious!

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